Song 1 “I’ve Been Away”

Words from the book Walking with Buddha, were put to music by two students from Heathfield High – Jess Milford and Henry Phillips. The music can also be found on SoundCloud.

As Christmas Chimes Loneliness

This is written about the effects of Christmas on some. For many it is a happy time, filled with presents and travels and family. But for others, it is a time of reflection and loneliness – a time when we can’t reach out to anyone or those we need to. Charlie Price was a friend whilst I was in college at University. He found life so hard, he took his own life a day or so after I last saw him at a pub called the Queens Head.  This piece is dedicated to him.




As Christmas Chimes Loneliness


I’ll stay out here till the mosquito’s bite

and redness fills the sky

I’ll stay out till the lights come on

and I begin to die

Around me all is loneliness

There’s something missing and nothing new

A thinking life is lonely

when there’s nothing left to do

In solitaire a game is played

to find a place of peace

Leaving a cities balcony

where time this once will cease

As Christmas chimes loneliness

and the pipes of peace recede

Nothing leaves the reminder

of the friends of once we need

And the bell will always toll

Within the city balcony

A silent world, a grim reminder

of a part of you and me

(Dedicated to Charlie Price)



















he saw them dancing

twirling in the dim light

of a room laid bare

of memories

he saw their smiles

as they swing each other

round the floor

hand clenched in hand

a hand in the small of her back

it bought a smile to his face

as he saw them staring

into each others eyes

dreams holding dreams

as he remembered

and then the lights were turned off………..


Damien and Annabelle

This piece is about a very young couple, madly in love. They are not accepted by their families  or at least their love is not accepted by their families. They struggle to know where to go and who to turn to, and wonder if they are really now in love….

The Forest

The Forest

Damien and Annabelle

Annabelle, stay where you are !
A cry came from a far
Please don’t move, he pleaded, please don’t
move along the ledge

I’ll promise things will be okay
I’ll never laugh, please Dear God
please just stay,
please stay
Don’t move any closer near the edge

Damien, you don’t love me now
You never did !, you took my love
and wasted it
Now there’s nothing, nothing ever I can give

So why come closer to me now, she cried the
question out some how
Why now , she cried, and took her life
and his

Walking with Buddha Book release

Friday July 3 was the Australian launch of “Walking with Buddha“. Held at the Stirling Coventry library in Stirling, South Australia – more than 140 people attended and were provided with local wine and produce including cheeses from B.D. Farm Paris Creek, wines from Sinclair Gully Wines and sushi from Cherry Blossum Sushi.

Stirling Library at night

Stirling Library at night

International writer Nan Witcomb – author of “The Thoughts of Nanushka” attended the release. Nan had written a foreword for the book.

Release night 2

IMG_20150703_191134 - Copy

release night 1

Walking with Buddha website released

The new website produced by Balboa Press is released!

IMG_20150711_083931 Fog over Stirling


For the boys

This one is for my 2 boys who I miss every day

Coventry Library Stirling

Coventry Library Stirling


For the boys

Surrounded by my child’s arms

I can remember the days when

they weren’t present

Remember the days when

I thought of myself first

when the future wasn’t as important

as it is now

Now that I have you


Plum Picking

Inspired by one of the world’s and by my favourite poet, Robert Frosts poem “Apple Picking”, we made plum jam from the Satsuma’s that were growing on the top of the land.

Through the trees

Through the trees – main street Stirling

Plum picking


This time last year I made apricot jam

So I ventured forth in our warmest months

To see what the heat had in store for the tree

Clumped on branches that sagged in the heat,

Or was it the weight of purple plums that

Made it easy for my ladder, to pick


All around were the bobs of plastic and silver

To distract and offend the birds (of Stirling)

Scare them away, I don’t want them to eat

And leave me some plums

So I might have some jam


Scare them, take the apples, or strawberries

Or fruit up the hill

Of a neighbor or pauper

Who could care less

To protect their passion from the birds

That call me to tell me the plums are ripe for picking


Satsuma, Satsuma – tightened and crisp

Ripened in our hottest months

Beckoning me to start cleaning some jars

To be picked so I might have the purest of jam.


(Inspired by Robert Frost’s “Apple picking”)





This piece of verse is not what it seems – based on a painting from Charles Billich in Sydney, the verse take us on a journey where we wonder just why she is playing in front of us this way.


Violin by Charles Billich

Violin by Charles Billich



How can you sit there opposite me


Playing the violin

Especially flaunting yourself

Just being naked is enough, and here

you drive my imagination well beyond

what the experience would be like

No-one has listened to you play naked

bar myself

Your auburn hair lies still

Curling one side round your cheek

the other falling around the waist of the violin

You cross your legs,

one foot falling beneath your upper thigh

And I cannot see the most private of your playing

but I can imagine how sweet the taste


As sweet as you draw the bow

and make this music

that is mesmerizing

More because you are naked

in front of me


Your eyelids stay closed

in this next chorus

as if you are dreaming

And seemingly locked away

in another feast of music

You are oblivious to my eyes

Not knowing whether to stare

or succumb to my ears

They stare along a trail

that passes from your legs

to your stomach, past your lifted breasts

and along an arm to a violin

That sits somewhere under

your cheek and your chin

You sit there naked

playing in front of me


Crossing the Line



Sinclair Gully Wines Norton Summit

This piece is about “crossing the line” – a point at which you know you have transgressed too far. Do you head back or stay where you have taken yourself. A point of reflection where many come unstuck.



              Crossing The Line


                        My lover , my life, I’m a rich man , I’ve a wife

                   I’m a dream away from something I can’t have


                   My thoughts are of you, my life I’d renew

                   If ever I could ever, cross the line to you my love


                   My desires, my love, I’m trapped in stars above

                   And the moon will seldom shine in this place


                   I dream and dream away, will I live another day

                   Will I see you one last time, grace my thoughts ,

                             grace my mind


                   My lover, my friend, my time I’ll have again

                   And maybe we’ll be more than friends or a face


                   A dream I’ve not yet had, a tear I cannot shed

                   A chance not taken, a chance……..not taken place