As Christmas Chimes Loneliness

This is written about the effects of Christmas on some. For many it is a happy time, filled with presents and travels and family. But for others, it is a time of reflection and loneliness – a time when we can’t reach out to anyone or those we need to. Charlie Price was a friend whilst I was in college at University. He found life so hard, he took his own life a day or so after I last saw him at a pub called the Queens Head.  This piece is dedicated to him.




As Christmas Chimes Loneliness


I’ll stay out here till the mosquito’s bite

and redness fills the sky

I’ll stay out till the lights come on

and I begin to die

Around me all is loneliness

There’s something missing and nothing new

A thinking life is lonely

when there’s nothing left to do

In solitaire a game is played

to find a place of peace

Leaving a cities balcony

where time this once will cease

As Christmas chimes loneliness

and the pipes of peace recede

Nothing leaves the reminder

of the friends of once we need

And the bell will always toll

Within the city balcony

A silent world, a grim reminder

of a part of you and me

(Dedicated to Charlie Price)


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